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Budget Destination Honeymoon: Tropical Paradise in Puerto Rico for Under $2,000

With its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, flavorful cuisine, and vibrant culture, Puerto Rico is an ideal Caribbean destination for couples seeking a romantic yet budget-friendly honeymoon. The island paradise offers newlyweds plenty of beauty and adventure without the high costs of many tropical locales.

While visions of strolling hand-in-hand along golden sand beaches or exploring cobblestone streets in Old San Juan may fill your head, you may worry a dream Puerto Rico honeymoon will bust your bank account after wedding expenses.

Not to worry! With smart planning for flights, lodging, activities, and more, you can easily enjoy an amazing post-nuptials getaway in Puerto Rico for under $2,000.

In this article, discover budget-minded tips and tricks to experience Puerto Rico’s natural wonders and old-world charm while still having funds left over to start your new marriage off right. From finding airfare deals to taking advantage of free rainforest hikes, we’ll cover cost-cutting strategies to help you save money while creating priceless memories together.

Get ready to start planning your epic island honeymoon on a budget!

Finding Affordable Flights

When planning your Puerto Rico honeymoon, one of the biggest expenses is often airfare. Here are some tips for scoring budget-friendly flights:

The main international airport on the island is Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan. Shop prices across multiple airlines, dates, and online travel sites like Expedia, Priceline, etc.

Aim to book flights 3-6 months out from your travel dates for the lowest fares. Peak season is December-April when prices surge. Off-peak months like September offer deals.

Consider flying mid-week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays when flights tend to be cheaper compared to weekends. Times like 6am and red-eyes also offer savings.

Sign up for email deal alerts from airlines that service San Juan like JetBlue, Spirit, Southwest etc. Watch for holiday weekend sales in spring and fall.

Use flight miles from airline rewards credit cards to cover all or part of your airfare costs. Compare routes that are cheapest with points.

With some flexibility and diligent searching, you can find budget-friendly flights to start your Puerto Rico adventure.

Finding Budget-Friendly Lodging

Lodging will likely be one of your biggest honeymoon expenses, so finding affordable options in Puerto Rico is key. Consider these money-saving accommodations:

  • Rather than staying right in bustling San Juan, opt for an Airbnb, cozy inn, or B&B rental in the countryside or smaller towns to save on nightly rates.

  • Look for all-inclusive resorts and hotels that offer discounted packages and promos during off-peak seasons like late spring and fall. Sign up for alerts.

  • Use hotel points earned through rewards credit cards and programs to fully or partially pay for major brand hotels like Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, etc.

  • Split your time between a few cheaper lodging options, like starting in an Airbnb then spending a few nights in a discounted hotel.

  • Avoid peak holiday times like Christmas, New Year's and spring break when hotel prices surge. Visit in shoulder seasons instead.

Choosing the right affordable digs will allow you to splurge more on creating intimate memories together in Puerto Rico.

Enjoying Free Activities

One perk of a Puerto Rico honeymoon is getting to take in the island’s stunning scenery and sights on a budget:

  • Explore the massive historic fortresses of El Morro and San Cristóbal in Old San Juan. The dramatic structures offer great views and history.

  • Hike through the lush tropical forest on one of the many free trails in El Yunque National Forest. Stop for scenic waterfall swimming holes.

  • Relax together on Puerto Rico’s beautiful public beaches like Flamenco Beach and Sun Bay. Dig your toes in the sand and take a romantic dip.

  • Stroll hand-in-hand through charming Old San Juan to admire the cobblestone streets, colorful colonial buildings, and lively plazas.

  • Watchthe sunset over the ocean together at scenic public outlook points like La Princesa and El Escambron.

Puerto Rico offers couples plenty of free natural and cultural activities perfect for newlyweds on a budget.

Saving Money on Dining, Drinks & Tours

Puerto Rico boasts incredible cuisine, nightlife, and experiences for couples to enjoy. Here are budget-friendly ways to take advantage:

  • Seek out daily happy hour deals at bars in Old San Juan, Condado, and beach towns for discounted cocktails, beers, and apps.

  • Split entrees or desserts when dining out. Lunch and early bird specials offer savings over dinner.

  • if staying in an Airbnb or rental, hit up grocery stores and cook some meals in to save funds.

  • Book discounted food tours, rum tastings, snorkeling excursions and more through sites like Groupon and Viator.

  • Join free San Juan walking tours for an overview then pay for more specific historic tours after.

  • Take public transportation like the Tren Urbano metro and buses to get around affordably.

Eating, drinking and sightseeing well in Puerto Rico is easy on a honeymoon budget. Just take advantage of money-saving deals and offers.

Using Local Discounts & Deals

In addition to free activities, Puerto Rico also offers many discounts and deals to help you stick to your honeymoon budget:

  • Ask your hotel about any honeymoon packages or perks they offer, whether it's champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries or discounted tours.

  • Purchase a Puerto Rico Explorer Pass for savings bundles on attractions like a rainforest aerial tram, kayaking, and snorkeling.

  • Watch for deals being offered by local businesses on sites like Groupon and Travelzoo. You can often save 50% or more.

  • Take advantage of monthly neighborhood festivals and events that offer free music, entertainment, food samples and more.

  • Sign up for the See Puerto Rico email newsletter and follow local social media accounts to receive exclusive promos and sale alerts.

  • Investigate if your airline miles or credit card points can be used towards any Puerto Rico activities or tours.

Taking advantage of discounts and deals allows you to keep enjoying dream experiences in Puerto Rico without spending excessively.


An unforgettable Puerto Rico honeymoon getaway for under $2,000 is absolutely within reach. By booking affordably priced flights, securing budget-friendly lodging, taking advantage of free sights and activities, finding dining and tour deals, and using local discounts, you can have the tropical island trip of a lifetime on a budget.

The key money-saving tactics include:

• Flying during off-peak seasons and mid-week dates

• Opting for alternative accommodations outside major hubs

• Visiting free beaches, historic sites, and scenic outlooks

• Splitting meals and joining happy hours

• Using Explorer Passes and hotel honeymoon perks

While saving on costs, don’t forget tha Puerto Rico’s natural splendor and vibrant culture provide all the romance you need. Spend your honeymoon making intimate memories strolling Old San Juan, swimming bioluminescent bays, and dancing the night away to salsa music.

With some flexible planning and research, you absolutely can have an affordable dream honeymoon in stunning Puerto Rico for under $2,000. Get ready to start your marriage off right in paradise!

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